Using Taurus, you can run, build, and view performance tests without writing a lot of code, and you can create your tests from scratch using a control-friendly DSL. Taurus integrates seamlessly with JMeter, Selenium, etc. The tool is FREE and comes with helpful documentation.

Taurus lets you run a JMeter script in non-UI mode and automatically gives you information on how your test is doing through its UI.

Taurus’ default dashboard shows you key information like:

  • What is happening at the moment

  • How much time has passed since the test began, and how much time remains?

  • Whether there are any errors in the test

  • The most relevant top-level KPIs like percentiles, average response times, response codes, etc.

  • The health of load generator resources – so you can check that the generator won’t overload

You can view all of these results in real time while running your test in JMeter. If you’re running JMeter with BlazeMeter, you can send all the reports to BlazeMeter in real time.